Top 5 Best Places to Shop in Sterling VA

Lots of Great Shopping Malls and Centers to Visit in Sterling, Virginia

Many people are residing in Sterling Virginia not just because of the high livability score but what the place has to offer to the people. There are a variety of amenities that you can visit in Sterling VA which you, your kids, friends and even your whole family would enjoy. You can find restaurants with a variety of cuisines, bars to grab some beer or watch your favorite sports, parks for outdoor activities and of course big shopping centers to help you find what you need.

Here are the top 5 best places to do shopping in Sterling Virginia:

1. Dulles Town Center – if you are looking for a large mall for a quick buy of shoes, dress, etc. Dulles Town Center can help you get what you need. They also have movie theaters with recliner seats that you would love. Many would prefer that you go directly to the Tysons corner.

2. Dulles Twenty Eight Center – an amazing mall that offers both shopping & dining. They have improved the establishment since Wegmans came. If you need to do shopping and eat delicious meals, Dulles Twenty Eight Center can surely make your day. It’s a large place to shop, but you have to be warned with the traffic and parking though.

3. Reston Town Center -this is the best place to watch concerts, shopping in various brands, dine in a variety of restaurants, grab a beer and much more. In Saturday’s, you can watch their live music; it is such a good place to hang out. There is free parking for around 2 hours from whatever establishment you go, just ask for it unless you want to pay for the whole parking fee.

4. Plaza America – they have large parking lots, well-maintained shopping center, cafes, and a great place to eat breakfast. Almost anything that you want to buy is available in Plaza America. They have plenty of amenities like clinics, various restaurants, stores, etc. You can expect that you’ll find what you’re looking for.

5. Lake Anne Village Center – if you are looking for a place to shop, eat and let your kids play then this is the right place to visit. You can find a variety of restaurants with traditional menus, get a haircut, shop for your kid’s outfit, grab a beer, buy a toy for your pet, find a gift for your loved ones and a lot more. There’s a lot of things that you can do at Lake Anne Village Center, you and your family would enjoy shopping or just hang out together.

Every shopping center can offer you different things and experiences, so you better find the place that would provide you what you need before deciding to shop. There’s a lot of functions available in shopping centers; you just have to find the right shop so you would enjoy your day shopping. And don’t forget that parking lots are the frequent issues in shopping centers, so you better be early or find a shopping center with less traffic.

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