Top 10 Restaurants to Eat in Sterling, VA

Best 10 Restaurants for Families to Eat in Sterling, Virginia

Have been planning where to eat and dine in Sterling Virginia? Several restaurants can be found in Sterling VA. Since this town has many amenities and has high score livability, more and more people are choosing to live in Sterling from different parts of the world. Yes, expect that you can find restaurants with various cuisines.

Here are the top 10 best restaurants that you can find in Sterling VA:

1. Aoba Restaurant – Aoba is a Japanese restaurant where you can find delicious sushi, ramen, yakisoba, etc. If you love Japanese food, then Aoba Restaurant is the perfect place to dine. If you love Japanese cuisine, then Aoba Restaurant is the best place for you to dine in.

2. Cheng’s Oriental – if you are looking for the best Chinese menu in town, then you would love to dine in Cheng’s Oriental. Before it was serving a variety of Asian cuisine such as Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese & Chinese of your choice.

3. Joe Cafe – have your old fashioned breakfast or lunch at Joe’s Cafe. They offer burgers, sandwiches, eggs, pancakes, platters, fries, grits and much more. They are known to serve the best breakfast in town.

4. Mokomandy – experience an elegant and spacious restaurant with a choice of Asian cuisine. If you want to take someone special for fine dining, relaxing ambiance, cocktails & wines, Mokomandy is the perfect place.

5. Romano’s Pizzeria – a family owned restaurant that offers New York Italian pizza. They offer traditional made pizza mixed with new york Italian and Greek style dishes.

6. Pattaya Restaurant – eat an authentic Thai food in Pattaya Restaurant. You don’t have to travel to Thailand just to eat your favorite spicy Thai dish.

7. Tosso Restaurant – have a taste of Pakistan dishes in Tosso Restaurant where they serve halal meat. They serve bowls, rolls, sweets, and sides made fresh on site.

8. Zeitoon Grill & Pizza – enjoy the new dish with a classic taste of Mediterranean food. They would leave your tastebud satisfied. Get serve with finest olives, hummus, kebab and much more.

9. A Taste Of Burma – experience an intriguing Burma dish. Burma is a secretive country which leaves it people satisfied with their dining experience. They have pleasing crowd menu that you would surely come back for more.

10. Taste of Vietnam – the restaurant has been serving Vietnamese dish for two decades, and people still love their food. If you like to have healthy and best tasting Vietnamese food, then this is the best restaurant to visit.

There are different types of restaurant that you can find in Sterling Virginia, so it’s not that really hard to find a restaurant to dine in with your special someone, friends or even your whole family. The list of restaurants found here are the best and recommended. Whatever cuisine you want to dine, you can eat the food that you crave for, and you can start by these list of 10 best restaurants in Sterling VA.

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