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Ashburn va roofing contractor

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Ashburn va roofing contractor

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Roof Repair in Ashburn, VA Advice for Checking and Fixing Storm Damage

October 20, 2016

Ashburn va roofing contractor

As an Ashburn roofing contractor, we know that even if a thunderstorm does not bring torrential rain or a volley of hail, the wind alone may cause enough damage to your roof to require replacements or repairs.

After a hailstorm, thunderstorm, hurricane, or tornado, assess the state of your roof in your Ashburn home. National Weather Service meteorologist Walt Zaleski says every thunderstorm has a straight line outburst of rain and wind.

When gusts reach 50 to 60 miles per hour, you begin seeing damaged houses, toppled trees, downed power lines, and debris that has blown out of your neighbor's yard. We’ve seen this many times as an Ashburn, VA roofing contractor.

Check for Damage to Your Ashburn Home Roof

Following a thunderstorm, make sure to check for damages to your roof due to wind, hail, or other sources, record any issues, and work with an experienced Ashburn roofing contractor and your insurance agency to fix any issues.

In a thunderstorm, shingles can be lifted off your roof, and your roof can take a beating from tree limbs and other debris. Follow these steps to check for storm damage to your roof:

  • Scrutinize your ceiling and walls to find indications of leaks. If any water spots appear on your walls or ceiling, you probably need to repair or replace your roof.
  • Look at the ground to search for debris from storm damage. Check for missing shingles and any metal pieces displaced from around the chimney.
  • Evaluate the state of the exhaust pipes, valleys, angles, and outer edges where the roof meets the walls.

If a tree falls on your roof, you will most likely find some damage. Until an Ashburn roofing contractor can ascertain whether any structural damage has occurred, stay outside your home.

Consider hiring a licensed Ashburn roofing contractor or general contractor if your house has any structural damage since you will likely need more than roof repairs. If the thunderstorm produced hail, check for damage to your siding as well as roof damage.

Hail damage is usually seen as dimples in your siding or shingles, which are made when small balls of hail pound into them. Stay safe, and consider contacting a professional Ashburn roofing contractor so you can avoid going up on the roof to check for harm yourself.

Working with an Insurance Company

Follow these suggestions for dealing with an insurance company after a catastrophe. Contact your insurance agent after you have determined whether you have damage; they will help you decide whether you should file a claim.

The Virginia Bureau of Insurance suggests that you document any damage to your home. Keep receipts for all the work you have done, including any materials you purchase yourself, e.g., supplies to cover your windows or holes in your roof, if you intend to file a claim. When receipts are submitted with a claim, many policies will cover these expenses.

John Keene, owner of Ashburn Pro Roofing in Ashburn, VA, recommends that you locate an Ashburn roofing contractor that has experienced repairmen and a powerful claims department. He also says that homeowners should avoid firms that offer to pay their deductibles.