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Avoid Costly Ashburn Roof Repair Expenses by Looking for These Six Bad Signs

October 11, 2016

Don’t panic, but your Ashburn home is currently under attack. Not a sudden frontal assault by some masked intruder, but rather a constant barrage launched by Mother Nature herself. Her chosen weapon: water. Avoid costly Ashburn roof repair expenses with these tips.

While you may not realize it, here in Ashburn, Leesburg and surrounding towns, we receive an average of 63.8 inches of precipitation through both rain and snow every year.

Throw in the many thunderstorms and accompanying high humidity, and it becomes easy to see how hard the elements are coming after your home. Fortunately, as any good Ashburn and Leesburg roof repair contractor will tell you, you are not alone in this fight. You have a built-in barrier offering you and your family protection: your roof. Calling an Ashburn roofing company may be just the ticket.

What to Watch For in Your Home

The trouble with roof damage is that it’s a silent stalker. It can wreak havoc on your home’s structure and its interior without you even knowing it. And it can cost you a bundle so read the issues below and avoid costly Ashburn roof repair expenses.

The key to staying out in front of it and keeping what could simply be a routine Ashburn roof repair from becoming a complete and total roof replacement is noticing the subtle signs indicating potential issues. These may include:

    • Water stains on your upstairs ceiling. If these turn into bubbles, look out below! It could mean they’re full of brackish water.
      • You begin to notice something amiss in the attic. This can include scurrying sounds from mice or bats, or a foul smell indicating mold. If it’s due to critters, that likely means that they’ve entered through a hole or opening.
      • If it’s mold, that means water has saturated the insulation. In either event, you’ll want to act quickly; rodents and mold can contribute to serious health problems.
        • Your energy bills are costing you a small fortune. If so, it’s likely due to your insulation being rendered ineffective by water infiltration.
          • You immediately notice problems after a storm blows through. Puddles in the fireplace or in the basement may indicate that your gutters are jammed with debris and water is spilling over near the foundation of your home.
            • Your roof becomes ringed with an impressive collection of icicles in the winter. Ice damns can lead to water spots in the overhead sheathing.

By the time you’ve noticed any of the aforementioned signs, extensive damage may have already been done. Thus, it’s vital that you call in a professional Ashburn roof repair contractor right away in order to avoid a costly roof replacement.

It’s Not Too Late to Save Your Ashburn Home Roof

OK, so now that you’re sufficiently panicked about the potential problems that roof deterioration presents, here comes the good news: all of these issues are easily preventable.

With routine maintenance performed by a qualified Ashburn roofing company, you can ensure your roof’s ability to keep providing you and your Ashburn, VA home with the protection that you need.

Such proactive care ensures that no matter the effort the elements put into ruining your comfort, your roof will be up to the challenge of repelling its attack. Contact Ashburn Pro Roofing, an Ashburn roof repair company.