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5 Great Tips for Ashburn Roof Repair and Maintenance

November 10, 2016

For effective Ashburn roof repair and maintenance follow these five tips that can save you thousands of dollars in new roof installation. Roof repair and maintenance shouldn’t be difficult as long as you follow safety precautions and common sense. We hope you enjoy these tips and find them useful.

1. Debris Removal in Ashburn

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Remove debris that collects on your roof in the winter season. With someone else’s assistance carefully use an extendable ladder to reach the roof and remove the fragments.

Remember that it’s better to perform roof repair and maintenance jobs on a day when the roof is dry, which helps prevent slippage, and when it’s light enough to see well. Call an Ashburn roof repair company if you need help.

2. General Repair and Evaluation

Check interior ceilings for spots that could signify that water is seeping into your home. Afterwards examine your Ashburn home roof for loose, lifted, or lost shingles, as well as mold and moss in the rest of the shingles and worn spots indicated by granules that are lost, fractures, curling, and skinning.

Additionally, check for loose or lost flashing, nails, and metal roof bolts. Replace and repair flashing or shingles and replace or tighten roof hardware as needed.

An important part of your roof repair and maintenance project is checking for peeling, curling, and partly lifted shingles discovered in one or more sections of the roof can suggest that the roof is getting towards the end of its usability.

If you see this degree of damage and you do not have expertise with roof replacement, hire a roofer who is a professional to ascertain if the roof needs more than do-it-yourself care. If in doubt, call an Ashburn roof repair and maintenance contractor.

3. Moss and Mold Removal in Ashburn

Lightly spray a roof moss cleanser and remover on sections that are affected. Follow the special cleansing agent’s directions for how long to wait and then lightly brush away the moss and mold with a broad hand-held brush and a soft bristled broom.

Use caution since using a power washer or hard-bristled brush can wear away the granules that shield the shingles from dangerous ultraviolet light.

4. Soffits, Downspouts, Gutters and Fascia

To safely conduct roof repair and maintenance, you should wear heavy rubber work gloves, carefully remove by hand or with a little scoop all debris from the gutters and downspouts. Subsequently, lightly scrub away dirt and grime from all areas with a soft-bristled cleaning brush.

Clear away stubborn debris with a garden hose and then test for caulk and paint peeling, soffit and fascia rotting, holes and cracks, lost or loose gutter sections, or faulty hardware or gutter-connected flows. Repair, make replacements, re-caulk, and repaint as needed.

Keep in mind that physically leaning on gutters while cleaning can harm them and may cause you to fall off your ladder. That said, installing gutter covers or screens can reduce your annual cleaning time. For more information call an Ashburn roof repair and maintenance contractor.

5. Chimneys, Port Openings and Skylights

Finally and a very important aspect of your Ashburn roof repair and maintenance project are chimneys, port openings and skylights. Work on the chimney and any skylights once you've completed the primary parts of your roof and port openings.

For the chimney, shut the hearth off, remove creosote with a chimney brush, and then inspect the chimney for harm like cracked or missing bricks or mortar. Perform repairs as needed and then seal the chimney with a chimney or masonry water-repellent product.

Finally, clean, inspect, and fix the port exits and skylights, if appropriate. Remember that using a roof safety harness while performing any work on a roof can help prevent falls. Keep in mind that major roof repair can be pricey and time consuming.

Although roof inspection and care may appear to be lots of hard work, remember that preventive work now will profit you not just this year but far into the future. If in doubt, call an Ashburn roof repair and maintenance contractor.

Ashburn roof repair