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Top 5 Best Places to Shop in Sterling VA

Lots of Great Shopping Malls and Centers to Visit in Sterling, Virginia

Many people are residing in Sterling Virginia not just because of the high livability score but what the place has to offer to the people. There are a variety of amenities that you can visit in Sterling VA which you, your kids, friends and even your whole family would enjoy. You can find restaurants with a variety of cuisines, bars to grab some beer or watch your favorite sports, parks for outdoor activities and of course big shopping centers to help you find what you need.

Here are the top 5 best places to do shopping in Sterling Virginia:

1. Dulles Town Center – if you are looking for a large mall for a quick buy of shoes, dress, etc. Dulles Town Center can help you get what you need. They also have movie theaters with recliner seats that you would love. Many would prefer that you go directly to the Tysons corner.

2. Dulles Twenty Eight Center – an amazing mall that offers both shopping & dining. They have improved the establishment since Wegmans came. If you need to do shopping and eat delicious meals, Dulles Twenty Eight Center can surely make your day. It’s a large place to shop, but you have to be warned with the traffic and parking though.

3. Reston Town Center -this is the best place to watch concerts, shopping in various brands, dine in a variety of restaurants, grab a beer and much more. In Saturday’s, you can watch their live music; it is such a good place to hang out. There is free parking for around 2 hours from whatever establishment you go, just ask for it unless you want to pay for the whole parking fee.

4. Plaza America – they have large parking lots, well-maintained shopping center, cafes, and a great place to eat breakfast. Almost anything that you want to buy is available in Plaza America. They have plenty of amenities like clinics, various restaurants, stores, etc. You can expect that you’ll find what you’re looking for.

5. Lake Anne Village Center – if you are looking for a place to shop, eat and let your kids play then this is the right place to visit. You can find a variety of restaurants with traditional menus, get a haircut, shop for your kid’s outfit, grab a beer, buy a toy for your pet, find a gift for your loved ones and a lot more. There’s a lot of things that you can do at Lake Anne Village Center, you and your family would enjoy shopping or just hang out together.

Every shopping center can offer you different things and experiences, so you better find the place that would provide you what you need before deciding to shop. There’s a lot of functions available in shopping centers; you just have to find the right shop so you would enjoy your day shopping. And don’t forget that parking lots are the frequent issues in shopping centers, so you better be early or find a shopping center with less traffic.

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Top 8 Best Attractions in Sterling VA

Best Attractions for Families and Individuals to Visit in Sterling, Virginia

Looking for a place to tour? There are many attractions found in Sterling VA that you, your friends, family and even your kids would love. There are activities, sight-seeing, relaxation, eat delicious meals, etc. that you can visit in Sterling Virginia.

Here are the top 8 best attractions in Sterling VA:

1. MIST Restaurant – experience a multi-cuisine restaurant at MIST Restaurant and Bar. You can either go walk-in, take reservations, take out, outdoor seating or you could also ask for their catering services. The venue is in lakeside for a great view, and they have a wide screen for sports events.

2. First Break Cafe – get served with a variety of drinks, lunch & dinner. They are one of the best attractions in Sterling VA that has a sports bar, and you would enjoy First Break Cafe with your friends. Play pool, darts, watch sports on their wide screens and dine their delicious specialty of food and drinks.

3. Algonkian Regional Park – want to take your family to a beautiful park? Algonkian Park is one of the well-maintained parks in Sterling VA. They have wide open areas for picnics, games, large parties, golf, wildlife, trails, cabins, waterpark, boat ramp and a lot more. You and your whole family would enjoy different activities.

4. Volcano Island Waterpark – come and enjoy the waterpark with your kids or the whole family. They have large water slides, summer camps and let your kids enjoy in the wading pool with lots of small stuff for them to play.

5. Sweetwater Tavern– they offer delicious food & beer that you would fall in love with. Many people recommend Sweetwater Tavern because of their amazing food and a nice place to drink beer.

6. Bungalow Lakehouse – grab a beer and make sure you won’t miss their happy hour. They have a wide variety of food to choose from. Whether you come to relax for a holiday or watch your favorite football sport, you would come back for more of their service. A great place to relax, drink and dine.

7. Heritage Farm Museum – the museum would show you and your kid’s variety of hands-on activities. You would likely see the farming history in Virginia in this museum, and you can still have a view of the farming equipment. Your kids would enjoy learning agriculture, interact in activities or occasions like milking the cow, apple festival, etc.

8. Claude Moore Park – your kids would surely enjoy the park center for doing activities, long slide in pool and snacks. For those who like some activities you can try their wall climbing and for those who like to relax have a walk in their forest trails to enjoy the nature. You can even play your favorite baseball and softball.

Either you’re up for relaxing, eat in restaurants with a variety of cuisines, get involved with activities, get your kids to waterpark and adventure, you would have a place to enjoy in Sterling VA.

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Top 10 Restaurants to Eat in Sterling, VA

Best 10 Restaurants for Families to Eat in Sterling, Virginia

Have been planning where to eat and dine in Sterling Virginia? Several restaurants can be found in Sterling VA. Since this town has many amenities and has high score livability, more and more people are choosing to live in Sterling from different parts of the world. Yes, expect that you can find restaurants with various cuisines.

Here are the top 10 best restaurants that you can find in Sterling VA:

1. Aoba Restaurant – Aoba is a Japanese restaurant where you can find delicious sushi, ramen, yakisoba, etc. If you love Japanese food, then Aoba Restaurant is the perfect place to dine. If you love Japanese cuisine, then Aoba Restaurant is the best place for you to dine in.

2. Cheng’s Oriental – if you are looking for the best Chinese menu in town, then you would love to dine in Cheng’s Oriental. Before it was serving a variety of Asian cuisine such as Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese & Chinese of your choice.

3. Joe Cafe – have your old fashioned breakfast or lunch at Joe’s Cafe. They offer burgers, sandwiches, eggs, pancakes, platters, fries, grits and much more. They are known to serve the best breakfast in town.

4. Mokomandy – experience an elegant and spacious restaurant with a choice of Asian cuisine. If you want to take someone special for fine dining, relaxing ambiance, cocktails & wines, Mokomandy is the perfect place.

5. Romano’s Pizzeria – a family owned restaurant that offers New York Italian pizza. They offer traditional made pizza mixed with new york Italian and Greek style dishes.

6. Pattaya Restaurant – eat an authentic Thai food in Pattaya Restaurant. You don’t have to travel to Thailand just to eat your favorite spicy Thai dish.

7. Tosso Restaurant – have a taste of Pakistan dishes in Tosso Restaurant where they serve halal meat. They serve bowls, rolls, sweets, and sides made fresh on site.

8. Zeitoon Grill & Pizza – enjoy the new dish with a classic taste of Mediterranean food. They would leave your tastebud satisfied. Get serve with finest olives, hummus, kebab and much more.

9. A Taste Of Burma – experience an intriguing Burma dish. Burma is a secretive country which leaves it people satisfied with their dining experience. They have pleasing crowd menu that you would surely come back for more.

10. Taste of Vietnam – the restaurant has been serving Vietnamese dish for two decades, and people still love their food. If you like to have healthy and best tasting Vietnamese food, then this is the best restaurant to visit.

There are different types of restaurant that you can find in Sterling Virginia, so it’s not that really hard to find a restaurant to dine in with your special someone, friends or even your whole family. The list of restaurants found here are the best and recommended. Whatever cuisine you want to dine, you can eat the food that you crave for, and you can start by these list of 10 best restaurants in Sterling VA.

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History, Facts, and Demographics in Sterling VA

Sterling, Virginia Offers Many Services and Amenities

Sterling Virginia has a good ranking for population density compared to other cities and towns in the United States. It is known for it’s higher livability score, low crime rates, nice weather, great housings, and income. Many people are planning to live in Sterling because of what it can offer. If you are one of the people, who are interested in getting to know Sterling VA? Then take your time to know Sterling Virginia.

History of Sterling Virginia

Sterling VA was once a made up of large farms. Albert Shaw’s farm was granted to apply scientific methods approved by the US government which made their farm called “Experimental Farm.” In 1959, the land price started to rose when the construction started for the “Dulles International Airport.” In 1960’s the discriminatory housing by “Fair Housing Act” was outlawed which leads to the rule that no African American family can move in Sterling Park until 1966. By then, the Sterling Park population reached to 5,000.

Facts and Demographics of Sterling Virginia

Here are the things that you should know about Sterling VA to help you decide if it’s the right city for you to live.

Demographics – the population in Sterling is approximately 29,016 with a median age of 33 years old. The male and female ratio is 1.0:1. People marry 15 years, and older is around 53%. People in Sterling VA speaks 51% of English and 34% Spanish, but you would likely see Caucasian around the area.

Livability – the livability score in Sterling VA is 78 percent because of its sunny weather, high-income, the crime rate is low, and there’s a lot of local amenities. There’s no doubt that people would choose to live in Sterling Virginia for its high livability score.

Home – you can find real estate listings starting from $250,000 for a thousand plus sq. Ft. House with two bed and two baths. If you are planning to rent the average price for median rent is $1,500. The price ratio of income and home price is 3.5 times which is a great ratio to raise a family.

Education – there several public schools around the area for elementary to grade schools. And there’s NVCC or “Northern Virginia Community College” for those who are going to college.

Climate – the climate in Sterling can be hot, humid in summer, mild and cool winters.

Businesses – most of the huge business that earns annual $20 million revenue have headquarters in Sterling Virginia with around 1,000+ employees. You would get a good carrier here.

Overall, Sterling Virginia is a great place to live aside from the livability score; this place has lots of amenities that you and your family would enjoy. It can also give you a good career opportunity since the headquarters of huge companies are located mostly in this city and employs more than a thousand people. You and your family would surely have a great place to start in Sterling Virginia.

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Things to do in Sterling VA

Sterling, Virginia is another declaration to the a wide margin development of the enthusiastic Loudon County, VA.

Today it’s a clamoring focal point of trade sitting ideal over the extremely bustling Route 7, the exceptionally same course that has been dynamic amid the Civil War period too. You can see two Civil War Site signs denoting the course’s notable centrality a couple of miles before you achieve Sterling’s colony of a business navel.

Did you realize that the entire town itself was begun in 1961 with the far-located designer Marvin T. Broyhill Sr.? He purchased the 1,762 sections of land of land which turned into the “Sterling Park” for just a little finished $2 million.

The single-family houses finished in 1967 went for a normal of $18,000 each. Today you’re fortunate in the event that you can discover a townhouse in Sterling for under $400,000.

The Sugarland Crossing Shopping Mall appropriate crosswise over one of the least expensive administration stations in the entire area is the place I shop as often as possible. It is home to the store where I purchase all my vacuum cleaners and cleaner sacks, and in addition the camera store where I obtained my little however trusty Nikon advanced camera.

Different organizations of Sterling incorporate a Giant, Starbucks (obviously!), numerous eateries, cleaners, a Middle Eastern staple (a great deal of Arab-Americans, Iranian-Americans and Bahais additionally live in the zone), auto merchants, comfort stores of various types, a crisis pet healing facility, houses of worship, a golf club, and a group focus.

Sterling is the place the honorable history meets the clamoring future. It’s dependably a decent place to do some looking for your day by day needs.


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