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Best Things To Do in Reston, Virginia

April 6, 2017

Reston VA is a medium-sized city in Virginia; located rather close to Washington, DC. As such, there are a wide variety of things to see and do in town, if one only takes the time to look for them. It is an extremely charming city that offers the kind of small-town quiet and relaxation that many visitors find quite appealing.

Home to the Reston Town Center, there are numerous specialty stores, clothing stores, antique stores and boutiques that a visitor can explore. There is a local theater group called the Reston Community Players, that have won numerous awards and perform four plays a year. The local Reston Orchestra also performs regularly at the Hunters Woods Plaza.

People who enjoy nature can visit the Reston Zoo, which spans thirty miles. Offering wagon rides and allowing people to feed some of the animals, it is a large and extremely family-friendly zoo that encourages children to get up close and personal with some of the animals.

Both local and exotic wildlife, including birds, waterfowl, zebra and antelopes can be seen here. The extremely helpful staff are more than willing to educate visitors about the animals that they house.

Owned and operated by the county, Lake Fairfax Park is an extremely popular destination for visitors. There is a large outdoor pool,dubbed “The Water Mine,” available for use during the warmer months. The marina rents boats and people are permitted to fish here. Overnight camping with hookups and full amenities is provided, along with picnicking tables. It is an extremely scenic campground that is open most of the year.

People who enjoy swimming would be pleased to know that there are numerous pools in Reston VA that are open to the public during the summer. There are also human-made freshwater lakes that allow swimming; along with an indoor pool in the Reston Community Center that is available all year round.

The Reston Association Nature Center is where people who want to embark upon nature walks would enjoy visiting; though the Town Center does also house numerous events and activities, along with ice skating during the winter. Reston also has two art galleries; one is the Reston Arts Center, while the other gallery, located at Lake Anne, allows visitors to visit the local artists’ studios and purchase their own works of art to take back home. People visiting Reston VA will also be glad to note that there is a public golf course that is open most of the year as well.

Despite its small-town demeanor, visitors to Reston will find no end to the attractions and events that they can see and participate in. During the holidays, there are parades and numerous family-friendly events that offer both excitement and old-world charm. A novel town with many captivating sights to behold and lush scenery, Reston proves that a city does not have to be massive and fast-paced to offer a wealth of exploration and adventure to its visitors.

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